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Collecting breechings are used to combine two water feeds and dividing breechings to split a single line into two. Inlets are usually 2 or 1 male instantaneous and outlets 2 or 1 female instantaneous to suit standard instantaneous couplings. The female outlets are fitted with a single twist release knob operating a single spring operated plunger and 1 female outlet have double pull release.

Both types of breechings may be fitted with a rotary valve to control the flow. They are also available with gate valves or ball valves.

When ordering, it is sufficient to state whether dividing or collecting, standard or controlled type of control valve, polished or unpolished, inlet and outlet size. Special connections may be fitted if required.

Collecting Breechings

Collecting Breechings 13.14

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Dividing Breechings

Dividing breechings 13.01

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