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Collecting Heads

Collecting heads 07.37


Collecting heads are used to feed water from one or more standpipe supplies to the pump inlet of a fire tender. The outlet may be of any size to suit the pump inlet connection but the standard outlet connections are 3, 4 and 5 female round threads to B.S 336. Collecting heads with inline inlets have a swivel outlet connection. Those with radial inlets have a fixed outlet connection.
Standard inlet connections are 2 male instantaneous although other connections can be fitted as a special. The number and configuration of the inlets may vary as follows:-

Configuration                             Number of Inlets
In line                                           2,3,4,5.
Radial                                           3,4.

Inlets are fitted with non return valves to prevent leakage when not in use or feed-back of water when main supply is cut off. Information required when ordering is, number of inlets, inlet configuration, inlet connection, outlet connection, material method of construction (see overleaf).
Please note that if blank caps are required these should be ordered separately.

In Line Type

In line type 07.41

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Radial Type

Radial type 07.37

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Bolted Collecting Head

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