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Portable Monitor & Fire Hydrant


Portable Monitor

The FRANK portable monitor is designed to meet varying requirements for unmanned portable branch holders which can be quickly deployed leaving the fireman free for other duties.

Each unit features:-

* Light weight high strength aluminium alloy construction.
* Simple design for rapid deployment
* Low centre of gravity for stability up to 15 bar.
* Adjustable elevation
* Optional anodised treatment for use with foam.
* 2 instantaneous connections standard alternatives available.

Fire Hydrant

The Type 2 Fire Hydrant is suitable for use with water and neutral liquids,to a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar, and between temperatures of -10C to +70C. Insulation is essential for temperatures of 0C and below. Also complies with BS EN 1074 - 6 for (Potable) drinking water.

Mini Monitor

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Fire Hydrant

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