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Suction Strainers


Suction strainers are fitted to the inlets of suction hose to prevent the ingress of solid material when drawing water from an unfiltered supply.

All aluminium cylindrical strainers are produced in a range of sizes with standard fixed female suction round thread connections to B.S 336 1965, (other threads may be produced if required). Strainers with an integral clack type non-return foot valve are also available.

Wicker basket strainers are also supplied suitable for use with 3 and larger cylindrical strainers. The baskets are fitted over the cylindrical strainers to act as primary filters when the water supply contains weeds.

Aluminium flanged strainers with stainless steel wire mesh are also supplied with 4 male round thread suction inlet to B.S. 336 1965 and flanged outlet which can be drilled or undrilled.

For use in shallow water the aluminium slipper strainer with stainless steel mesh is used. This is produced with a 3, 4 or 5 swivel female suction round thread connection to B.S. 336 1965. This type of strainer can only be used where the bottom of the reservoir is solid.

When ordering specify strainer type, size diameter, number and pitch diameter of holes in the flange, polished or unpolished, plain or anodized.

Cylindrical Strainer

Cylindrical strainer 15.03

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Wicker Basket Strainer

Wicker basket strainer 15.42

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Slipper Strainer

Slipper strainer 15.52

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Foot Valve and Cylindrical Strainer

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